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Reiki is a simple healing, relaxation technique originating from Japan working with energy.

Deeply relaxing, Reiki has been known to reduce stress, pain and anxiety, helping you in all areas of life.

Energy is constantly moving in and around our bodies.  Reiki helps this energy to keep flowing and keep our bodies in balance.

During a Reiki treatment the recipient will usually lie down on a treatment couch or they may prefer to sit in a chair.  With eyes closed listening to relaxing music the recipient will become relaxed.


A treatment lasts for up to 60 minutes with the practitioner focusing on the shoulders, head, torso and legs flowing energy according to the recipients needs helping to balance the energy system.

It is normal to feel warmth, heat or tingling and feel very relaxed.  Some people see colours or have an emotional release.

Reiki Treatment
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I am free from anger

I am free from worry

I am humble

I am honest

I am compassionate towards myself and others